i believe that every thing happens for a reason and that you cannot receive the good without going through the bad. i believe there is a god and that he will touch the souls of the people to send a helping hand. if anyone would take just 5 minutes to read this and understand my story that would be a blessing within itself. i am a 14 year old freshmen in high school. i have a younger brother 13 and younger sister 9. my father had a comfortable job as a certified air conditioning technician. and my mom is a baby sitter. in our 3 bedroom home we also have my grandmother and my 11 year old aunt lorena living with us. my aunt lorena was born with down-syndrome. she also likes the simple things like walking on the beach and her favorite snack, twinkies. my aunt is one of the sweetest people anyone would have the pleasure of meeting. she loves to hug people and share her twinkies. my father with a clean record and a pending order of deportation was arrested just a week before christmas. now he is schedule to be deported back to mexico within a few weeks. my family has now fallen into terribly hard times. now with no income coming in from my father my mother was forced to take 2 part-time jobs to make ends meet and that is still not enough. we sold or home and almost all our valuables and now live in a small 2 bedroom trailer home. which is still too expensive because of my aunt lorena’s medications and hospital bills. because of her condition she is constantly in and out of the hospital. she now has become very ill. she needs to have surgery within this next month or she will not make it. i beg of you. if you could find it in your hearts if you have anything you could spare it would be greatly appreciated. my father is a great man who did nothing wrong but, because of the broken immigration system we have he is not allowed to remain in the u.s. he cared for my aunt lorena as one of his own. and as such we want to be able to grant her the medical care she needs. please if you could do anything me and my family would greatly appreciate it. thank you for taking the time to read this and god bless.